Press Release: Screening of Nepali Film in Bangkok

Press Release

Screening of a Nepali Film in Bangkok


The Embassy of Nepal, Bangkok showed the famous Nepali feature film Seto Surya (White Sun) in TK Park, Bangkok on 8 July 2018. A large number of invitees attended the show. The participants included Ambassadors and other members of diplomatic community in Bangkok, representatives from media and travel businesses, Nepali community in Thailand, and friends and well-wishers of Nepal from different countries.

H. E. the Ambassador of Nepal, Dr. Khaga Nath Adhikari, welcomed the participants, and gave a brief introduction of the film. He mentioned the cultural, social and political issues highlighted in the film. He stated that the film showed the situation of a contemporary remote village in Nepal, and that things have now changed. He added that Nepal has already promulgated a new Constitution in 2015, elections have been held, and that Nepal has now a stable and majority government.

The Embassy also hosted a reception after the film. All the participants attended the reception during which they discussed the film and the issues raised in it. The participants found the movie quite interesting and successful in introducing Nepal among the foreign viewers.


Embassy of Nepal


9 July 201