NRN Registration and NRN ID Card

Information about Non-Resident Nepalis

  • The Act on Non-Resident Nepalis identifies two types of Non-Resident Nepalis:
    1. Foreigners of Nepali origin (those who were Nepali citizens but have now acquired citizenship of a foreign country; or both or either of their parents or grandparents were/was a citizen of Nepal, and
    2. Nepali citizens staying abroad for more than two years.
  • A Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) can apply at this Embassy for registration as a NRN and issuance of NRN ID Card with the following supporting documents:
    1. Application Form a.  Foreigners of Nepali origin b. Nepali with foreign residence
    2. Proof that s/he is a qualified Non-Resident Nepali (For more information on application process and necessary documents: Citizen’s Charter (Refer to No. 12)
  • Fees for NRN ID Card are-
    1. US Dollars 270 for foreigners of Nepali origin (including USD 20 as registration fee), and
    2. US Dollars 70 for Nepali citizens staying abroad  (including USD 20 as registration fee).
  • Fees in Thai Baht are-
    1. Foreigners of Nepali origin: THB 9450 (including THB 700 as registration fee), and
    2. Nepali citizens of foreign residence: THB 2450 (including THB THB 700 as registration fee)

Contact details for NRN Card inquiry at the Embassy:- Email, Contact Number: +66 2 391 7240, +66 2 390 2240


Brain Grain Center (BGC)

You are kindly requested to visit the link below to register on the Brain Grain Center, which is at the Unit of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal, that is created to recognize and foster contribution to Nepal’s social and economic progress by the many diaspora Nepali experts and professionals around the world: Brain Grain Center

ब्रेन ग्रेन सेन्टर (BGC) मा आवद्व हुन माननीय परराष्ट्र मन्त्री श्री प्रदिपकुमार ज्ञवालीज्युकाे आह्वानपत्र

For more information and necessary assistance: